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My milkshake brings all the boys to farmyard.

Week 4: 22nd May 2013

Last week Steve talked you through literally thinking Outside the Box as the good ship Endeavour trounced Evolve with an adult high chair.  Ludalan loved it and Sophie fell on top of the TidySidey and wheeled herself off into the taxi of doom.

This week’s episode begins with the designer phone ringing at 5.20am. Natalie, who is handily sleeping in her bra, rushes to answer as everyone else makes their hair directional. DaddySugar wants them to meet him at Surrey Docks and the cars will be with them in half an hour. Luisa stands behind all “WHAT DID THEY SAY I MUST KNOW” and Natalie replies that they’re going to Surrey Docks in East London. I always thought Surrey Docks were in South East London but I’m splitting hairs. Luisa skips through the house in annoying slippers telling everyone to get up and Kurt ponders whether its worse having to get up or having Luisa wake you up. Oh you pretty idiot. OF COURSE Luisa makes stuff worse. Jordan walks around with his top off for a bit which is LOVELY as the girls ponder whether they’ll be selling fish or Meat. Zeeshaan thinks the teams might be getting shaken up a bit today. Luisa doesn’t want to work with Zeeshaan as he’s full of bullshit. He thinks that he could be the girl’s saviour. I do love the smell of bitching in the morning.

Nightime Londonporn as Natalie and Uzma try to better each other over who’s been in the board room more and how that makes them better people as Luisa yawns in between them. Natalie thinks that it’s made her try more and Uzma thinks it’s made her see the bigger picture. Look ladies, it’s not a competition. It’s a PROCESS.

Everyone tries not to get animal poo on their designer BIZNIS SHOES as they arrive at Surrey Docks Farm which is very definitely in South London because I work a ten minute walk away from it.  Daddy Alan is waiting for them at a farm because Farmers Markets are everywhere all over the world annoying all of us with their £10 sausages and he wants a slice of that, please thanks. [The farmers markets in Sheffield are very non-farmer-y. About five farm stalls usually and the rest are European confectionery, pic'n'mix, tagines or overpriced bags - Rad ] Their task is to open a Farm Shop. He wants them to source stock and sell it to the public. The winning team will obviously be the one making the most profit and the losing team will contain the firee. He’s going to mix the teams up first though. Uzma and Natalie are going over to Endeavour because eyes are on them.  Myles, Jason and Jordan are going over to team Evolve. This will facilitate a lady being on the winning team. This pleases Lord Sugasugasuga as he’s been disappointed thus far and it’s time for the GELS to show him what they can do because he hasn’t seen it thus far.

It’s then explained to us what a farm shop is and why they are important. Trendy middle class guilt isn’t mentioned. The team’s task is going to be to source stock from the South East and sell it.  The teams decamp to separate sheds to plan their respective attacks.  The ladies are welcomed to team Endeavour in the most patronising way. Over at Evolve, Luisa puts herself forward because she has a shop and sourcing local produce is what she does. Rebecca does smell the fart acting at her and says that she would like to be project manager because she’s interested in farms.  Myles asks her if she’s got any experience. She says no but it can’t be all that hard, can it? Myles takes charge and nominates Luisa then congratulates her because he’s a patronising arsehole. Luisa then interviews that she knows about shops even though her shop isn’t a farm shop, but a cake shop and it’s still local produce. She’s looking forward to leading Evolve to their first victory.  They then decide what to try to hawk. Jordan suggests Buffalo meat because there’s always more excitement around meat someone hasn’t tried before because it feels unusual. [Jordan's brain is an interesting place.  Buffalo meat, nettle beer... - Rad]

FNARFNARFNARFNARFNAR. I’m sorry. I can find innuendo in most things but that’s just tipped me over the edge. Jordan then goes on to say that he had a van that came round his school that sold ostrich burgers and that always created lots of excitement. Francesca gives him a look that is worthy of that statement. The van that came round my school sold Wham bars and single cigarettes which is probably why I’m not a SRS BZNZWMN. Myles is worried that Buffalo meat might not have universal appeal but they decide on it.  Jordan also suggests introducing a takeaway element to encourage turnover. They all agree. [Why on earth didn't they sell buffalo burgers as part of their takeaway going on Jordan's logic?  That would seem like an obvious opportunity missed - Rad]

Over on team Endeavour, Neil has put himself in charge and is wondering what will make the highest profit. He interviews that he knows nothing about farm shops and farming but is a born leader. BOKAY THEN. They discuss that they might want to sell something with a high profit margin. Kurt suggests milk. Just milk. The dick. Zeeshaan suggests that milk might not exactly be a unique selling point. EvilAlex, who is wearing a red tie today and who I have recently decided looks like John BARROWMAN after a botched facelift pipes in and says that people don’t generally pop out to buy milk because they have milk at home. Where does he think it comes from? He suggests that maybe they should sell cheese on toast at their farm shop because everyone can eat it. I don’t even know what this programme is about any more. Kurt then pipes in and says he’s in the milkshake business and the produce is cheap for that. Neil doesn’t want any arguing, that’s what they’re doing. Uzma immediately tries to argue and she’s shut down. EvilAlex agrees.

Both teams are on the road by 10am and out into the countryside in the Home Counties to look for produce. Francesca suggests Apples and satsumas because they’re in season. [Satsumas in season? In the UK?  Bokay then - Rad] The other team try and fail to read a map.  Neil doesn’t care where they are as long as they get the blueberries except he actually means blackberries.  Meanwhile, with Evolve, Leah is trying to pin down Luisa about how many potatoes they will need and ponders how many are in a kilo. On team Evolve, EvilAlex says that he really doesn’t mind dressing up as a scarecrow. That is very, very specific, EvilAlex. [I assume one of those creepyass scraecrows from Doctor Who.  - Rad] Neil gives him a look of WTF and nothing more is said.

Luisa and half of her team arrive at a buffalo farm and Luisa remarks on how much she enjoys the smell of shit. Figures. Meanwhile Jordan is encouraging some buffalo to work it as he takes some pictures. They look at buffalo kofte in the farm shop but Rebecca points out that they might want something with a higher mark up such as buffalo sirloin and filet. Luisa wants to know what the wholesale price is and apparently you can buy it for £28 and sell it to the right people for £45. Over to Nick who manages to inject so much hatred into the word ‘Buffalo’ that it’s a thing of wonder. He’s disgusted because even though it’s high cost and medium margin, Evolve are falling for it because it’s DIFFERENT and that’s going to attract people. Nick thinks that it’s high risk but he’s going to have to wait to see if it’s going to work, even though everything in his manner suggests that he doesn’t think it has a hope in hell of succeeding. They order the meat. 

Over on Endeavour, Neil, EvilAlex and Natalie are heading out to a dairy farm to get milk for milkshakes. Kurt thinks they’re going to need 250ml per milkshake and reckons he could sell 200 of them. Zeeshaan thinks that this might be a bit over ambitious. Kurt disagrees. Zeeshaan plays the “it’s your game” card.  EvilAlex works out that this is a milkshake every three minutes but ploughs on regardless into a Hampshire dairy farm, announces that he’s from Wales and orders enough milk for enough milkshake to bring every single boy in the world to the yard.  EvilAlex shouts some numbers at a lady until she sells them an amount of milk that I still don’t understand even after three viewings for £40 and they do some cow milking. Natalie cringes at every animal whilst shouting that she’s not an animal person whilst EvilAlex chases after a cow. The voiceover man tells us that their £40 has bought them 100 litres of premium Jersey milk.

Meanwhile, the other half of Evolve, Myles, Francesca and Jason, are bulk buying vegetables in Essex. Jason helpfully re-explains that vegetables can be cooked and sold on at a high mark up. They buy some cabbage and some beetroot even though the trade price is only around 10% less. Francesca reports back to Luisa who thinks that they should only be buying a small amount of vegetables to put on the shelves to make the shop look rustic. Myles then does that thing where he gets the project manager to reiterate what they’ve just asked him to do so that he can throw it back at them in the boardroom and asks Luisa if she’s actually asking him to buy stuff that’s just to look nice on the shelves rather than be sold in the shop. She reiterates that this is exactly what she wants and the real money is going to come from the burgers and the jacket potatoes and the veg is to make the shop look more local. Francesca snarks that they’re hardly going to be able to dress a whole shop with six corn cobs. Luisa wants them to spend £40 and tells them to engage their brains. Francesca tells the boys that this is why they lose tasks.

Meanwhile, in Kent, Uzma, Kurt and Zeeshaan are buying fruit and taking pictures. Neil is giving them a budget of £100 so they can buy more but Kurt doesn’t think that this is a good idea. Neil presses on regardless and they go off and buy more fruit. Over with Francesca’s Evolve Subteam, Jason still isn’t sure that six corn cobs is enough to dress an entire shop and gets Francesca to phone up Luisa to ask to spend more because the shop needs to look like it’s got something in it. She asks for £150 to buy cabbages, broccolis (sic) and 100 corn cobs. Luisa mouths “one hundred corns?!” in disgust. Francesca’s point is that the shop needs to look like it’s got something in it. Myles then comes over all alpha male and says he’s making the call and he’s going to buy it, which makes Luisa go all “buy it then, I’ll just have to come and save the day and sell it” whilst Rebecca looks at her clipboard and imagines that she would have dealt with this shit entirely differently. Leah is worried about the cost but Luisa decides to take the path of least resistance and makes a mental note to sock it to them in the board room for it if it proves to be a mistake. Myles makes the deal at £146, a mere £106 over budget. His logic is that if they didn’t put things in the shop, they wouldn’t have anything in the shop.

Over with Endeavour, Kurt, Uzma and Zeeshaan are buying fruit and veg. Zeeshaan and Kurt can’t agree on anything. Karren gives us her theory that because Kurt wants to go in to the Milkshake business with Ludalan, he’s using this task as an opportunity to show off his milkshake skillz and won’t look at anything else but the bigger picture is about the farm shop.

Back to Evolve, Myles, Francesca and Jason are trying and loving some apple juice so they phone up Luisa to ask if they should spend £75 instead of £50 on the apple juice. Luisa reminds them that they have a budget and they shouldn’t spend any more and they are now finished. Francesca interviews that she doesn’t get why they’re not out buying more and she’s concerned that she’s not got enough to sell.  The other half of Evolve are buying potatoes. Luisa thinks they have more than enough stock because their shop is going to be more about takeaway food than produce. Jordan then hilariously tries to get a bag of potatoes which is taller than him into the back of the van whilst Leah and Rebecca laugh at him openly.

EvilAlex, Neil and Natalie of Endeavour are at a farm shop in Surrey buying blackberries for milkshakes. They haggle a bit but Neil wants to check in with the others about how much they’ve bought. They’ve only spent £33 of their £100 budget. Neil and EvilAlex make unhappy faces. Neil demands to know what they’ve bought. They look at each other and shrug, then say 10 cabbages [For £33?  Bloody London prices - Rad]. Neil is concerned that they will sell out and they could sell more. Kurt explains that they are going to make ALL THE MONEY from the milkshakes. Neil isn’t so sure and stomps back into the shop to buy stuff from the farm shop at retail price.  Natalie handily points out that it was the subteam’s job to buy all this stuff and Neil points out that the point she is making is a good one. Neil interviews how he’s annoyed with the subteam and he’s got to get on with it tomorrow and sell the stock at the best margin.

7am the following day and the teams must sell their farm bought stuff to the public. Neil announces to his subteam that it’s D-Day. They discuss Uzma and how she never sells. Uzma tells Kurt and Zeeshaan that this kind of task is her thing and they’re going to see her in action. They’re going to be selling in well known centre for hipster helmetry, Broadway Market. Luisa’s team shop is brilliantly named Buffalocal and she gathers round Evolve to tell them that the buffalo meat is their USP, but it’s the takeaway food that’s the moneyspinner. She wants to sell 150 jacket potatoes and 200 portions of soup. Myles handily points out that everyone has to sell one of these every ten minutes. Not that he’s trying to take over or anything, but he takes over about six times. They are assigned their tasks and get ready for the day.

Team Endeavour have opted to name their shop Fruity Cow [BLEE - Rad] and EvilAlex is admiring himself in a hairnet on the poster. Neil doesn’t think they’ve got enough fruit and veg and he’s not happy with the subteam for not buying enough. He hopes Kurt can live up to his milkshake promise. Back over at Buffalocal, Jordan asks Myles to hold him tight as Myles grabs his bum and I weep again for the end of TV Burp. The first customers arrive and Leah tries to sell them a £20 buffalo steak and the woman actually chokes. Luisa thinks that they shouldn’t drop the prices yet. Fruity Cow still aren’t ready as Uzma dresses the shop.  Uzma wants to make it perfect but Neil isn’t interested.

Buffalocal aren’t doing well with their soup. Nick is worried that they won’t be able to shift it. Myles doesn’t want to give out free samples because it isn’t’ very nice. Way to get behind your product. Fruity Cow are doing better with their milkshakes and the orders are coming in ‘thick and fast’. LOL KARREN U IZ FUNNEH. Karren is worried that Kurt might not be able to live up to his bold milkshake claim. [Why do they only seem to be selling one milkshake flavour?  And why is it apple and blackberry, which sounds vile? - Rad]

It’s finally lunchtime and Buffalocal sell £100 worth of buffalo meat to one man, but they are having problems shifting the soup. They decide to bring it out front so that people can see it and want it. Fruity cow are still selling lots of milkshakes down the road, but Kurt wants to diversify a bit and start selling carrot juice. Uzma, Neil and Zeeshaan go off to get some apple juice to mix it with. Uzma has the temerity to ask what’s going on and they are so unbelievably rude to her that she calls him out on it. They continue to ignore her as they pop up to Costcutters for apple juice. Kurt declares it “alright” before giving it out to customers.

Meanwhile, Buffalocal haven’t sold any hot food. Jason is in the kitchen bitching that all their hard work in the kitchen is being ignored. Myles is handed some baked potatoes to sell and is unhappy with them, as he is with everything. Over at Fruity Cow, EvilAlex is shouting about fresh produce in the middle of the street whilst holding a basket, saying he’s only here for a day in a very threatening manner. Uzma weakly holds out some milk and Neil tells her to walk around a bit. She decides to talk to a couple of guys who clearly aren’t the Broadway Market type about the special milk. Neil doesn’t know what Uzma is for as she walks up to people on the street, offers them blackberries and giggles.  EvilAlex walks around like a circus ringmaster.

This happens just as Buffalocal start to sell some leek and potato soup. Myles starts shouting at Jason in the kitchen as he can’t get the lid on some soup and then goes outside to interview that he’s not really sure what Jason is for and calls him a ‘Trickless pony’. Luisa has a go at him for not being quick enough but Jason just seems to be having what can only be described as a posh daze.  Luisa wonders how he functions in his everyday life. I wonder that about every single person on this programme to be fair. Neil then tells EvilAlex to sell his fruit and veg as a box load. Karren thinks the milkshakes are holding their own but they’ve still got loads of milk left. Uzma comes with another idea that we don’t get to hear as she’s shot down by Neil.

Both teams give a final push on the sales. Evolve aren’t selling many baked potatoes and they’re declared by Luisa to be an Epic Fail. Francesca is glad that they overstepped the mark as regards stock otherwise they’d have nothing to sell.  They finish off selling the potatoes.

With Endeavour, Neil is confident that he’s led the team to the best of his ability and has driven the sales and has done enough to win. With Evolve, Luisa says that her original plan was takeaways with stock to make the shop look full but it didn’t work so the lack of stock may be the team’s downfall. BIZNIZ MINDZ.

There’s some sunset Londonporn to denote that some time has passed before we’re all at the boardroom. Daddy Lordalan arrives and wishes them all a good afternoon. He tells them that what they’ve been doing is bringing fresh farm food into the city. He starts with Evolve and asks them what happened. Luisa replies that she was the project manager and that the team quickly decided to go into the buffalo market. LordAlan begins to take the piss but Jordan jumps in and says that buffalo meat is trendy and he believes him because he has fancy glasses and directional hair so he must know what’s in. Ludsugar doesn’t want to lose face though so he makes a crack about cowboys which everyone pretends to laugh at. Myles then asks him if he’s tried buffalo meat and if he hasn’t, maybe he should. This is followed with an uncomfortable silence. Ludsirsugar asks the team if they thought they were being clever and Luisa answers that unusual meat creates a buzz and this brings them in the shop where they can sell them soup and jacket potatoes. DaddyAlan wonders if this is what people expect from a farm shop. Luisa says that she was keen to sell soup because it was low cost and she would make her money on that. Rebecca says that their target was 200 soups and 150 potatoes but Leah reveals that the number was 70 and 20 respectively. Everyone makes a face at this. Luisa explains that she adapted the strategy as soon as she realised that the baked potatoes weren’t selling. Nick then drops her in it by saying that she didn’t want them to spend as much on stock as she did. Francesca gives Luisa the side eye when she says that she thought she could stock a shop without having to buy that much stock. Ludalan gets the feeling that she wanted the other team to buy window dressing and nothing to sell. Myles confirms this because he is a disloyal, two faced git who is really making me angry today for some reason. Ludalan asks them if they were sent home and Myles drops her in it even further.  The Good PM? Question is asked and Myles keeps stirring the pot by saying that there was no strategy, no direction and no budget and he had to rely on his own initiative.

Over at Endeavour, SugaDaddy is happy that Neil was the project manager as he was sick of him being the backseat bridesmaid and never the bride. He asks what the strategy was. Neil replies milkshakes because Kurt has knowledge. They decided that they were going to make Apple and Blackberry milkshakes basically so that Ludalan can make a mobile phone joke. Ludalan asks how much Kurt pushed the milkshake angle. Neil replies that it was totally his idea to use all the wikid skills that his team has and capitalise on his very own milkshake expert. Alan asks if everyone agreed on the ‘Milky thing’ and singles out Zeeshaan. Zeeshaan keeps it diplomatic and says that he didn’t agree with the amount projected. Kurt jumps in and says that he thought that he could sell £500 worth of milkshakes on the day. Ludalan then moves on to Neil’s management style which he describes as ‘dictatorial’. Karren is a bit more tactful with ‘direct’. Ludalan then points out that Neil’s surname is Clough and wonders if he’s related to Brian. Neil says that he isn’t but he is quite similar. He then asks the team if they’re happy with their manager. They all mumble that they are, apart from Kurt who felt like some direction was missing at some points.

Numbers! Karren is first with Endeavour. Their total sales on the day was £1,097.82 on sales and £558.50 on stock giving a total profit of £539.67. Nobody dares look happy. On to Evolve. They made total sales of £1,249.52 but spent £618 generating a profit of £631.82. Jordan does some extremely undignified celebrating and is summarily told that he’s not at a football match. Neil makes a noise like a punctured football.  Alan isn’t sure why there’s such a big celebration as there’s only £91 in it, but makes a crack about Luisa having herded her buffalo well. She said that it wasn’t so bad after all, and Alan reminds her that if it was up to her, she would have lost. Their treat is tea at a restaurant called the Tram Shed. Jordan is still cheering when they get out back.

Back in the boardroom, Ludalan is berating the Milky cows for losing and tells them that it’s fine to concentrate on milkshakes if they sell enough, but they didn’t so they’ve got to come back.  The winning team go out for tea in somewhere that looks only slightly more luxurious than the loser’s cafe and Jason gets to show off his newfound catering skills. Luisa interviews that Miles pissed her off in the boardroom too because he made it seem like she had no control over the team and they only never said that she was good because they thought that they had failed.  They’re all happy now however.

Back in the loser’s cafe, Neil looks like a forlorn Danny Dyer as even EvilAlex’s eyebrows don’t seem as perky. Neil wonders aloud whether they went in the right direction. Zeeshaan wonders whether Kurt’s mind had been addled by milkshakes. Kurt doesn’t think that they sold what they had at the right margins and that it’s all Neil’s fault because he was in charge of sales. Neil looks like he’s going to cry as he explains that he doesn’t like losing and it’s all Kurt’s fault because he promised the milkshakes were a winner and they weren’t.

Back at the boardroom, the candidates all go in. Uzma looks like she’s going to vomit. Alan begins by saying that the milkshakes took over the task. Zeeshaan agrees that the focus was lost to milkshakes at the beginning. Neil argues that he went with the expertise of his subteam leader, Kurt. Ludalan then goes on to one of his analogies about going on a trip and realising that you’ve cocked up and needing to change your plan but you didn’t. It makes no sense.  Karren then chimes in and said that they diversified a bit by adding in juices. Ludalan asks about the juice. It was carrot, apple and pear. He wonders where the Apple juice came from.  The reply is Costcutters. Alan sad. Alan Angry. Alan say that stuff should be handpicked and fresh and not from supermarket. Neil can’t speak. Neil said that he would love to take responsibility but it’s all Kurt’s fault. Kurt hits back by saying that he raised half the profit himself with the milkshakes and everyone else only raised £200. Ludalan reads the figures. Milkshakes and juices made a profit of closer to £400, but Neil sees his escape route and starts shouting that he was promised SIX HUNDRED POUNDS WORTH OF MILKSHAKE. Kurt and Neil then get into a scrap about whether that figure included outlay or not but Kurt keeps coming back with the fact that he sold 2/3 of the day’s stuff himself. He also says that he could’ve made more milkshakes if Neil’s team had sold more. Alan then gets sick of this and wants to know what Uzma was doing all day because he said that he wanted to keep an eye on her.  Neil jumps straight in and says that Uzma is the worst on the team and not only was she pointless, he could’ve done better without her. Neil also says that Uzma’s team didn’t buy enough stock for them to sell and Kurt didn’t want to buy more, leading to them having to buy stock from the farm shop. The subteam say that they were not given clear direction about what to buy. At this point EvilAlex crawls out of Neil’s backside and says that OF COURSE they were given clear instructions. Neil jumps on this and says the task failed because Kurt isn’t a milkshake psychic and the subteam didn’t buy enough stock. Neil thinks the responsibility lies with Kurt for not selling enough milkshakes. Kurt looks ready to kill. He’s bringing back Kurt and Uzma. Uzma doesn’t understand, but that’s for later.

Ludalan wants another chat with Karren so everyone is dismissed for a moment. He’s wondering whether Neil was browbeaten and what Uzma is for. Karren wonders the same thing.  They return. Ludalan begins with Uzma and wants Neil to explain why she’s back. Neil thinks that she’s the weakest and it’s unsurprising that she’s been in the boardroom so often and she asks stupid questions. As far as I can see today her questions have been relevant, but it’s not my gameshow. Sorry! Process. Neil thinks that she’s definitely the weakest link and he half arsedly apologises whilst she says that she welcomes his criticism.  Ludalan would like to know why she keeps coming back into the boardroom and what it is that she gives off that makes people think that she’s doing nothing. Neil immediately begins to talk over her as she says that she’s an easy target and yet again she’s not being allowed to talk. I think it’s a fair argument. She says that she’s back because she’s under his eye. Neil says that he knew that she would say that and if that’s the case he’d have brought Natalie back but she worked hard. He then goes on to say that she’s clearly out of her depth and she won’t win. LordSirAlan reads from his REZOOMAY which says that he’s happy to trample over people and wonders if this isn’t just an incidence of this. OF COURSE IT IS. Then the Lord points out that there’s a difference between confident and cocky and maybe Neil should have a look at this, because he seems to think that what he says goes. Neil says that even though he seems to be outspoken, he’s still delivered results. Kurt is next in the firing line because he convinced the PM to sell milkshakes and made the fatal error of naming a number. Ludalan’s problem is that although everyone is picking on him for pulling a number out of the air, he’s supposed to know what he’s talking about. Kurt argues that he does know what he’s talking about, and he outsold everyone by a large margin. I watch him say large margin a few times because it’s pleasing with a Liverpool accent. Neil still tries to pass the buck but this just makes Ludalan wonder whether he can be talked into anything.  Neil strenuously denies this.

Like the rest of the entire world, Alan is now sick of talking about milkshakes and wants to know why Kurt thinks that he shouldn’t be fired. Kurt thinks that his mistake was putting out a number, but he thinks that Uzma should be fired. Uzma thinks that Neil should be fired and Neil thinks that Kurt should be fired because he’s responsible for the failure of the task, but also thinks that Uzma should be fired because she’s the weakest link. Ludalan rightly says that it’s his job to spot the weakest candidate, and it’s Neil’s job to point out who is responsible for the failure of the task. This is Kurt and this is still down to money. Ludalan shushes them.

He gets down to the nitty gritty. He tells Kurt that if today was about proving the viability of a milkshake business he’s failed because he can’t guess how many he’s going to sell.  He doesn’t want comments. He’s suspicious that Uzma is in the bottom three again and that everyone says that she doesn’t do anything. This is backed up by Nick and Karren. Finally, Neil. Neil got browbeaten and he shouldn’t blame everything on Kurt. Neil hasn’t got any room left for mistakes. Kurt needs to learn a bit of humility and Uzma must be bad at bizniz because there’s no smoke without fire.

Bye Uzma!

Uzma Taxiterviews, in a coat that matches her contacts, that Ludalan hasn’t seen the FIRE that the smoke comes from and she’s going to make millions. Back at the house, Zeeshaan is saying that Kurt messed up on the milkshakes but Neil shouldn’t have relied on him. Jason wonders aloud whether Neil can actually drive a CAR OF BIZNIZ. It remains to be seen.  Neil thinks the decision has been made.  Luisa hopes that Neil has been knocked down a peg or two. He hasn’t. JOY.

NEXT WEEK! Finding stuff task. Join Rad to see how they get on. 

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